A change of plans with a visit to North Wales

There’s a hole in the window of my Jag. Not a small hole, but a gaping one formed by the act of a rock being thrown through it. The hotel staff were kind enough to lend me some scotch tape and cardboard to cover the hole, but the heating no longer performs an efficient job. Its bloody freezing in this car. I’m cruising down the M56 on my way to Caernarfon. There’s been a change of plans since I foolishly picked up a ‘swimming pool maintenance salesman’ on my way up to Scotland. After stopping for the night in a motel, I woke up to find my Jag busted up, my moleskin notebook missing and no ‘salesman’ to be found. This might seem like a strange time to visit North Wales but I have my reasons.

cctvOf course I couldn’t inform the police, as much as the lovely staff of the rather crumbly motel wanted me to. What with Jeffrey’s whereabouts unknown, and now two treasure hunts in motion, I’d more than likely get locked away in some kind of institute. They’ve put strait jackets on others for much less. No, I did not feel like calling the police.

The notebook needed retrieving, in it lay decades of archaeological and sociological research, as well as numerous codes and notes left by Jeffers. The staff were more than happy to help me in my investigation; after seeing the motel CCTV footage, I discovered that Haversnatch (is that even a real name?) ‘borrowed’ the reception computer just before making a dash in the early hours.

Scanning through the search history, it was simple to see where he was heading. A room booked at a North Wales motel, two tickets bought for a cinema showing and dinner reservations made. A nice little holiday indeed for a thief and (probable) tomb raider. Well, he’s about to get a surprise and find out that he’ll need to be a lot smarter to outwit Dr. Oakenfold. I’ve booked two nights in the Victoria House B&B in Caernarfon, its equidistant from the restaurant and the cinema. All I have to do now is race West to check in to my room without freezing my fingers off.

Bloody Haversnatch, I will find you. You will give me back my notebook and pay to fix my lovely Jag.welsh road

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